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in central South Carolina
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322 Derrick Street, West Columbia, SC 29169
3 BR/3 bath - 1800 sf living area
Every BR has walk-in closet
and it's own bathroom.
Fully furnished!

near downtown W Columbia
on a quiet dead-end street

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Why Buy Your Next Home From Us?
We can typically get you into a home for less money!

Let us find your perfect home!  We buy foreclosed or distressed homes, renovate them, and sell them to you for less than buying through the open market.  You may be able to get your dream home for thousands less than you expect!

If we currently don't have a home that fits your need, we will find one for you. We are notified of foreclosed and distressed homes in the central South Carolina market ona daily basis.  Tell us the type of home you want, and we will try to find it for you!  You can also be added to our Buyers Listto be notified whenever we have a home available for sale.

Hassle Free Transaction
We handle all the paperwork and details. You don't have to worry about what to do or how to do it. We'll walk you through every step of the process.

We pay the Closing Costs
You will save thousandsin dollars in the purchase of your home because we pay the closing costs for you.

Home Warranty
Depending on the situation,we may provide our buyers with home warranties which will cover the cost of many repairs which may come up in the future. 

Assistance With Financing
If you don't already have someone to help you get financing for the mortgage to purchase your home,just let us know. We work with several mortgage brokers around town and we'll be happy to refer you and assist you in obtaining your financing. 

Finding the Right Property
Let us know what type of house you want, and we will let you know if we find it.

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