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Why Sell Your Home To Us?
  • We buy your house immediately (no waiting for a realtor to find a buyer).
  • We buy your house "as-is" - no need to make repairs.
  • You will get CASH for your home in less than a month.
  • Hassle Free Transaction - we pay all Closing Costs.

The Home Flippers is a group of Lexington County (South Carolina) investors looking to buy homes in Lexington Country.  We are not Realtors.  We are specifically looking to invest in homes in the 800-1500 sf range, but will occasionally consider other sized homes.  If you need to sell your home fast, we may be able to help you.
  1. What is the difference between The Home Flippers and a Realtor?
  2. How much will you pay me for my home?

1)  How are we different from Realtors?
  • A Realtor tries to sell your home for you, during which process you continue owning, and living in the home and making payments on the home.  You do not get the cash to pay bills or purchase another home until the Realtor actually sells your home for you – which in the current housing market may take a year or more. The Home Flippers will actually purchase your home, immediately giving you the cash to pay bills or purchase another home.
  • A Realtor usually requires you to spend money up front to repair the deficiencies in your home, as well as to make it “eye-pleasing” to potential buyers.  This can many times run into the thousands of dollars you have to pay up front before you can sell your house - and it may be money that you don't have to spend. The Home Flippers will buy your home “AS IS”, which means you will not have to spend money up front for repairs.
2)  How much will you pay me for my home?
We follow a pretty simple formula in deciding how much we are willing to pay for a home.  Although this is a business for us, we want to offer a fair price for your home.
  • We determine if it is in an area where we want to buy a home.
  • We determine how much similar homes are selling for.
  • We deduct 10% to cover our costs (legal fees, mortgage payments, etc).
  • We deduct the cost of any repairs that need to be made.
  • We figure in a profit for ourselves (similar to a Realtor's fee).
THE BOTTOM LINE:  You usually get the same amount of profit if you sell through a Realtor, sell by owner, or sell to The Home Flippers.  The only difference is that you will get your money faster when you sell to us, and you won't have any "up-front" fees!
Many times we get our clients MORE CASH than they get through a Realtor or by selling the home themselves.  In this tough housing market, many homes are taking up to two years to sell.  If your mortgage payment is $800 month, this means you are losing an additional $19,200 over the two years.  Sell your home to us today, and you may save all this cash!
Please call or email us. We realize that our program may not be for everyone - some people would rather wait until a Realtor sells their home before collecting their profits. We will, however, be happy to discuss your situation. Of course, all inquiries and consultations are completely free with absolutely no obligation. If we can't find a way to get you what you need in a way that works for us as well, we'll tell you so and part friends. Again, there's absolutely no obligation on your part and all consultations are completely free and confidential.

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