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What are the differences between The Home Flippers and a Realtor?
  • A Realtor tries to sell your home for you, during which process you continue owning, and living in the home and making payments on the home.  You do not get the cash to purchase another home or pay debts until the Realtor actually sells your home for you – which in the current housing market may take a year or more. TheHomeFlippers.com will actually purchase your home, immediately giving you the cash you need to purchase another home or pay debts.
  • A Realtor charges you a commission - typically $6,000-$7,000 - to sell your house for you. TheHomeFlippers.com buys your home outright.
  • A Realtor expects you to pay some or all of the closing and other fees.  TheHomeFlippers.com pays all these expenses
  • A Realtor typically wants you to spend money to repair the deficiencies in your home, as well as to make it “eye-pleasing” to potential buyers to make it easier for him/her to sell your home.  This can many times run into the thousands of dollars you have to pay up front before you can sell your house (money which you may not have to spend). If you don't spend that money "up front" for repairs, you will have to drop your selling price by thousands of dollars to find a buyer willing to accept your house "as is".  TheHomeFlippers.com will buy your home “AS IS”, which means you will not have to spend money up front for repairs.
Which will get me more money for my home – The Home Flippers or a Realtor?
  • Realtor fees are typically 6-7% of your home’s sale price (up to $7,000 on a $100,000 home).  You will pay another $3,000 - $5,000in closing and attorney fees.  Typically the Realtor wants you to spend $4,000-$10,000 up front for repairs and “eye-pleasing” expenses (painting, carpeting, etc.) to make it easier for the Realtor to sell your home.  You can reasonably expect to lose approximately $10,000-$25,000 out of your profits when a realtor sells your home - much of this before your house even sells!  This is a serious problem when you don't have money up front to make repairs.  Without the repairs, you will have to drop your selling price an additional $10,000-$20,000 to find a buyer willing to accept your house "as is". YOUR TOTAL LOST PROFIT WHEN YOU USE A REALTOR CAN BE $30,000 OR MORE!
  • The Home Flippers pays all attorney and closing fees, saving you that money. 
  • The Home Flippers does not require you to make repairs or aesthetic changes, saving you that money. 
  • The Home Flippers does, however, expect to make a profit by “flipping” (reselling) your home.  Before we resell your home, we will need to make the repairs and aesthetic changes needed to make your house marketable.  To cover these costs, plus receive a profit, we will typically offer you a price $20,000 - $35,000 below what we think we can sell the home on the market.
  • The Bottom Line: It will cost you approximately the same as a Realtor when you deal with The Home Flippers.  The benefits are (1) You will get your money immediately, (2) You will not have to put out any money "up front"  for repairs and (3) if you are looking to move to a larger house, you will have the cash in your hand to take advantage of some of the biggest discounts offered on new homes that we have ever seen - saving you an additional $20,000 - $50,000.
  • The Bottom-Bottom Line:  By getting cash for your home now, you can move on with your life immediately rather than losing those good deals while waiting for a Realtor to sell your home.
If you pay me cash for my home, can I get in on a good deal on another home? 
          This is the benefit for you to go with The Home Flippers!  With the current housing market, you can expect a realtor to have your home on the market for up to a year, or longer.  However – those people trying to sell their larger or newer homes are also in the same situation and are slashing their prices to sell their homes.  If you have the cash now, you would be able to get into one of these newer or larger homes for $20,000 -$50,000 less than they cost 5 years ago.  Once the housing crunch is over, these homes will quickly rise to their original values.  Therefore, now is the time to buy!  By using The Home Flippers, you will have the cash available to buy now, getting tens of thousands of dollars in savings on your new home.  Looking at it this way, selling your house NOW to us can actually save you many thousands of dollars over having a Realtor sell your house for you.

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