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How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in South Carolina
For low-income families and individuals, Section 8 housing is an economical way to live in an affordable and safe home. Follow these steps to apply for Section 8 housing in South Carolina.
Things You'll Need:
     · References 
     · Prior tax records 
     · Proof of Income 
     · Proof of U.S. citizenship 
     · HUD-approved housing 
For more information and for applications:
    SC State Housing Finance & Development Authority
    300-C Outlet Pointe Blvd.
    Columbia, South Carolina 29210
    Phone: (803) 896-8888
    Fax: (803) 551-4900

Step 1
     Before beginning the application process, make sure you qualify for Section 8/public housing in your area. To qualify, your income must be below 50 percent of your areaís median income (Click HERE for SC's standards). Elderly and disabled individuals are also eligible. You must also be a U.S. citizen or have an eligible immigrant status. Finally, your previous rental history must be without flaws in order to receive a voucher for Section 8 housing.

Step 2
     Make sure you have the documentation you will need to complete your application for Section 9 housing; this includes birth certificates, pay stubs, tax records, etc.

Step 3
     Obtain an application from the public housing authority (PHA) that administers Section 8 housing in your area. Be advised that most areas have waiting lists over one year long, so it is a good idea to apply early.

Step 4
     Once you receive the application, fill it out in writing. Please note that typed applications are not accepted. In order for your application to be considered complete, you will need to document the names of everyone who will be living in the house; your current address and phone number; your specific circumstances (i.e., why you are applying for Section 8 housing); previous rental history with names of landlords and their addresses; your householdís estimated yearly income; name and address of your banking institution; and, finally, verification from your employer. An interview may also be required in order to receive a voucher for Section 8 housing.

Step 5
     Once you move to the top of the waiting list, you will receive a voucher that can be used to obtain Section 8 housing. You will have 60 days to find housing that meets the HUDís Housing Quality Standards, has rent comparable to similar other housing units and whose owner is willing to participate in the Section 8 housing program.

Step 6
     Once you have received a voucher, contact us to find a home that will meet your needs.

CLICK HERE to view HUD 2009 income and rental standards
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